Art Beyond the Glass is Los Angeles' most anticipated cocktail party. It's also the first art show planned, hosted, staffed, and exhibited by bartenders for bartenders. ABTG also happens to have an unparalleled efficacy in bettering LA's arts community, having saved Art Share LA and restored Willie Herron's iconic Olympic mural, Struggles of the World. To date our 4 events have raised over $60,000 to ensure future generations enjoy the complexities of living with an artful perspective.

Founded by Discover LA editor Daniel Djang and Couvoisier ambassador Zahra Bates, ABTG enlisted Danielle and Allan in its second year to round out the quartet that still coordinates every aspect of the event. 

The mission is simple: Showcase how bartenders artistically express themselves when they're not composing flavors at work. Use the proceeds to enrich the community in an increasingly art-austere educational climate.

Pulling it off isn't simple, but logistical tightrope walks are a natural high for DC & AK. The show features every permutation of art from live painting, photography, sculpture, woodwork, and more along with performance art which has ranged from comedy to dance, live music of all genres, and even magic. Amidst this joyful cacophony, there are sponsored bars featuring teams of local bartenders who pull out all the stops with their most fun, fanciful concoctions and themes that relate to their drinks.

It's Mardi Gras meets Art Basel at a downtown rave. And in 2016 it will begin its tour of cities that have been kind enough to ask if we might help them show the world how much heart and imagination your drink-makers have.

A brilliant collection of bar talent had gathered to whip up drinks and show off other talents as well.
— Patrick Comisky, LA Weekly
If you didn’t go to Art Beyond the Glass today, you missed the party of the year
— Caroline Pardilla, LA Mag
New Orleans has its Tales of the Cocktail, but Los Angeles has its own ultimate cocktail fest — Art Beyond the Glass.
— Lanee Lee, ShakeStir